woensdag 23 augustus 2017


In my current drive to unpack and start building stuff that arrives in the mail, I opened a box of H0 stuff I received in trade (one of the lat few items to be sent) and in it are some buildings, some cars, a diesel fueltank and missing items......ffs. Chap has promised free shipping and some free bits to make up for his error, when I buy some stuff from him....so that just went into long term planning.

Anyway, stripped the paper from the building in the back, washed off the dirt with a good scrub, dried it and repaired what was broken, and put it on a 1.5mm form fitting base. I will do the same with the other one tomorrow and get them ready for paint. They are both railway buildings, but the one in the back will work for a German farm storage shed as well so I can get plenty of use out of it.

 I grabbed a Zil 157 truck from my Big Box of Zils TM (I think I have another 15 left) and bolted the diesel tank on the back and gave it a rough scrub and some extra parts. This will be a used and abused water tanker for Afrika, the Middle East, and TW:2K. It's a bit of a fantasy model but hey. Will rough it up with dents etc when everything has set. The landy in the back will be civil as well.

Some H0 hoppers. I dunno, build them as 28mm Necromunda scenery, get some bits to raise them and use them for 20mm, or turn them around and use them for 6-10-15mm scifi? They sure look.....interesting.

maandag 21 augustus 2017

D-Day + 7

Well chaps, I'm dead tired, everything hurts including a massive headache, but I've done it.
 My door has now become the idea board (and my storage location for all of my surplus magnets. Need to trim that down a bit :D )

 The first 3 Alex cabinets are unchanged, as well as the First to Fight, PSC and S-Models stock. The recycling center in front will be moved underneath the gaming table if there is a game on.

 I have been most fortunate to find my 5th Alex on Marktplaats in the midst of clearing out my room, so I picked it up on saturday, removed the wheels, and put it in the right place immediately. Then placed the Moppe I need for now on top of it. As you can see, the Moppe cabinets have changed over the years, in width, height and depth.

 Sorted out 3 plansk on this Billy, the rest is clutter that needs to be sorted. I found another whiteboard at the second hand shop for 2 euros and removed the old metal one I used for my Blog listings as that was a bit sharp around the edges. Not sure what to do with it right now, don't need that right now. Left board has my I dunno what to do tonight Dice list. 10 options, roll a dice, and work or finish that item. Cross out when done, and when a few are done just print off another list.

 The single width Billy with all my tea and paint is a bit more foward due to having the power sockets in the location. Maybe, someday I will remove the backplate and loop the cables downwwards. It is of no concern right now, there are more important things to do.

My purchase board is still there. Well, my planned purchases anyway. With 10 euros a week it will take quite a bit of planning.

 A free, unobstructed view of the area behind our house. The window is now easily opened, I can clean the windowsill and the window with no issues and I want to keep it clear of stuff. The fan is there for extra ventilation when I am working, the mininuke will be joined by my Booblehead as Kim says that they will look good there, and my watersupply that needs to move. Cheap paper towel that I use for painting till the supply will run out and a small lamp purely for letting greenstuff cure faster. I want to keep that windowsill as clean as possible so most likely those ietsm will move as well.

 With all the boards in place I now have room for storage boxes, Moppes with more commonly used items, my radio, and my computer and printer. I need to keep an eye out for slightly longer and deeper boards so I have a bit of overhang for the PC and I can put up a striplight for normal light. Using my ceiling lamps seems to attract every moth for 20 miles and the extendable daylightlamp I want to use just for building and painting. It can nicely tuck away and stay safe that way now. The Moppe that I use as my monitor rest needs to be cleared of junk, it should be for office supplies only.

 Other side of my desk. From now on I will harshly enfore a clean desk policy. If it is time for bed, I need to put everything back in place before I leave. I don't want this to get out of hand again and I have plenty of places to put my WIPs and PIPs.

I've removed the Billy toppers from my cabinets and put them up for sale. I will do the same with the Hemnes cabinets in front, they are just full of junk right now. The Moppes in the back will go into storage in the attic for later when my cabinets have been cleared and sorted.

And that's it. Kim is superproud right now. I'm so tired I have trouble to let it all sink in. Will improve later this week I reckon, just need a bit of time, then get more stuff listed, and clear out all of the unwanted stuff that does not need to be here right now into the attic.

I need to sell a couple of hundred worth of stuff to have some more breathing room financially, and pay off my birthday gift. Working with just 10 euros a week is working really well atm, I'm saying a lot of Nope atm :D

Right, time to turn in early, hope you like what I did and now it is back to getting stuff made and painted.....it has been too long :)

zondag 13 augustus 2017

I have a cunning plan!

After a day spent with the kids, eating strawberries, baking cookies, watching them go bezerk on the trampoline and watching them devour a plate of spaghetti and 2 legs of Dr Pepper chicken (remember, these are tiny 4 year olds!) I sat down behind my PC, and had some proper thoughts for a change.

I'm planning to pick up a full length 40cm wide Ikea Billy cabinet on wednesday, to replace the half sized one. For some reason, I grabbed the tape measure and measured the distance from the window to the big Billy cabinet. It's over 120cm's. My PC table is 120cm's. Hmmm...

You see, I'm happy with my chosen set up, but there are 2 problems with it.
  • The desk and monitor is facing the window. As one of my former jobs was ARBO I really should have known better then to place a black rimmed light device in front of a big light device (aka the sun (light)) as during the day (and in the summer in the evenings as well) I'm squinting most of the time to properly see the screen. As I don't have the best pair of Mk. 1 Eyeballs to begin with, that sucks. Plus if I do want to look outside I either have to get up or bend sideways. The first is something my knee doesn't always agree with, the second puts strain on my damaged back. 
  • The 2nd Hobby desk.....great idea in theory, in practice it is a clutter focal point. I'm doing all of my hobbywork behind the PC 99 out of 100 times.
The third problem is the fact that the battletable seriously overhangs the hobby tables. Something I planned in and don't mind, but still, it's not always so convenient.

Right Baldrick, what's this cunning plan then? Glad you asked.

First up, don't spend the 10 euros to get the second hand full length Billy cabinet. 10 euros saved.
Rotate the PC table 90 degrees to the right and set up as I have now. Try to asap add shelving above the PC table, I should be able to add 3-4 levels. But I will need some damn good bolts to hold it all so I think I'm better of hanging 3 rails on the wall instead of 2 to spread the potential weight. So that's 10 euros spent. I have some spare planks and some junkers in the attic, and for now they will have to do as there is no money to get new ones cut to size.
Then, clear off the Hobby table and remove the legs, take it down and wait for Sjors to pick it up. As it is a high end office table with a swivel to move it up and down and everything, we agreed on 100 euros for the table. Plus 100 euros.
Then, move my single Ikea Alex drawers 90 degrees and stack the Moppes on top of that. The overhang on the side is minimal and the cabinet is more then able to hold the weight. When the time comes, and I have spare cash (ha!) invest in 1 or 2 more 2nd hand Alex cabinets to get the same set up as the left side of the room. The Moppe can then move inside a Billy cabinet.
I need to find a new space for the radio but I doubt that will be a problem.

The only hiccup I forsee is the desk possibly not fitting well enough between the windown and the first Billy, but atm all my measurements seem to be correct (famous last words, I've been there before).

So, what benefits will this bring? Not more room perse. It adds money to the coffers, and the room goes from being a C shape of desks and storage to a double I. The space in front of the window can be fully cleared of stuff, the windowsill is finally in reach so I can dust it again, the window can be opened without issues. Having less open horizontal space means less space to clutter thus easier and faster to clean when I have to. Less strain on my eyes, easier for me to just turn my head to the left to catch the damned cat shitting in my backyard, or the occasional Apache or Hercules making their approach to the Eindhoven Airbase.

I've discussed this with friends and Kim and checked if I'm not demented or anything, but we all see the benefits.

It now all hinges on one thing....does the table fit or not!

Fingers crossed....more tomorrow.

zaterdag 12 augustus 2017


I took a trip to Sjors tonight to tell and explain him about Battlegroup and his choices for Overlord British, and pick up my final Billy cabinet from a local. Sadly the adress I got was incorrect so I went to the wrong, closed door. I'm pissed off due to wasted time, seller is pissed off as I did not show up. Oh well, I will find another one.

SJors was kind enough to give me the leftovers of a SdKfz 7/2 of which he used the trackwork, but is otherwise complete. I'll just salvage it for parts, starting with this:

I've added the frame that goes on top of the ammunition trailer to the top of the SandS Hi-Ace van, and put a rack from the ICM Zil-157 in front of it. I will go though my bits box to find suitable stuff to put on it. I'd really like 1-2 Britannia Afghan goats to put on top as well so I've asked around for them online. Not sure if I can even afford a trade atm for them. Must sell loads next week to even break even for this month. I'll do my bestest.

vrijdag 11 augustus 2017

Eins, Zwei, Polizei!

A bit of progress tonight on the Police armour.

 L3/33 got iron pin MG's with a bit of plasticcard to complete the look. The original barrels are very flimsy and will not stand up to wargaming use. Also drilled out the left headlight and busted it.  The same goes with both fender that have been bent out of shape.

 I'm copying a picture of one in the Balkans, that has stowage on the back as well as a bucket....I have those in my stash somewhere, I need to find it so I can finish this one for paint. Also my bag with commanders...though to be honest, any guy with a helmet will do for this.

The 7Tp and the 35S739(f) both got iron barrels as well, and when I was wrecking the fender on the Somua the PE horn cover popped off and I heard it falling "somewhere".....so I just wrecked the fender some more. both are now ready for grey primer. After this just one Panzer 35 R to build and then this part of the force is done

woensdag 9 augustus 2017

I'm back! Sandblasted and all....

Hi guys, I'm back. Holiday wasn't that great, 1 proper beach day with the kids, only a few more sunny days in which we got sandblasted off  the beach, and I now have traumatised kids due to repeated and painful sand in the eyes.. Ho hum. Rainy days for the rest. Better luck next time I guess?

In the evenings Kim and I had a few talks and I've done a ton of soulsearching, numbercrunching and talking to myself, makes about 20 pages of notes, plans and ideas in the process. I have come to the following conclusions:

  • I've gone a wee bit over the deep end with trading and swapping, as a result of this I've ended up with a rather large stash of kits and many IOU's from people whom I have sent stuff to in trade to be resolved at a later date when and if they would find/get the kit I need.
  1. Starting Monday 7th of August, I'm cutting myself back to 10 euros a week spending money, to be deposited in my spare savings account (current interest rate is 0,05% on it so it's pretty useless). If I want to buy something, it has to come out of that pot of limited gold. 
  2. Everything I sell from now on goes straight into my bank account. No if, buts or whatever you use in this expression, it goes straight to the bank. As soon as I'm out of the red numbers we'll see if we can change that.
  3. During my holiday, every person with a outstanding IOU has been contacted and asked to ship the promised goods, a replacement or cash. Of the 29 persons, all have replied by now and 14 have already sent the goods/money and another 3 wil do so this week. Others have asked for more time, some disagreed they actually had a agreement with me, one even said he assumed I had sent him a 20 euro kit plus shipping as a token of friendship....and promptly sold it and what I had wanted in trade online. Yeah.....Of the stuff that has arrived sofar, about 20% has issiues. Minor things like missing instructions, missing bits of decal or the decals completely missing, and one chap sent me a completely different kit even.....Some of these have now sent me refunds to compensate for that. Some golden nuggets in there as well, like a built O-2 Skymaster that will be very easy to dissasemble and rebuild for my needs. 

  • Speaking of needs......I don't need as much as I have now. Not by a long shot. For that I have the following plans:
  1. Gaslands and Battlegroup now share top priority. 
  2. Gaming is more important then spending money on stuff for possible projects.
  3. Gaming with painted stuff is the norm, not the exception - get them done!
  4. Erik, Ferry and Sjors all share an interest in Battlegroup with me. Sadly for me, they have all chosen completely different periods and armies.....lol. Erik is doing DAK so I have to start 8th Army with what I currently have (mostly vehicles). Sjors wants Normandy Brits and Ferry Kursk Russians, and fortunately I have Germans for both periods, and I can easily expand them with what I have in stock.
  5. I want to keep building 3-4 kits a week to a based and ready for basecoat standard, with final details, if neccesary, to be added when I want to paint a set.
  6. For now, my focus will be on Germany, Taliban, VC and Gaslands, vehicle, scenery and troops wise.
  7. I'm not excluding anything else in 20mm-28mm now, but when I have the choice of working on something 20mm or 28mm, I should go for the 20mm item.
Keeping the Dutch Battlegroup FB page will be important as well. We are currently running a 2 unit Recce build for the month of August, and quite a few have joined up already.

 For now, I've decided to go with a T-40 Light Tank for my (future) Barbarossa Russians and a Staghound for my (future) Normandy and beyond Brits. Might toss in some more units if I feel like it, and ignore the L3/33, it is destined for my German anti-partisan force and not part of the build.

Not sure what next months challenge will be.....maybe Transport Trucks or a Defence or Artilery piece.

Oh, during the holiday I made these:

2x PLO T-34/85 who now have no priority, a 7Tp for the German police and the T-40. The PLO tanks need brass barrels (not in stock right now) and the 7Tp needs a pin for a barrel if they want to survive.

As I have 2 more weeks till my internship starts, I'm using my time by sorting as much stuff in the attic as possible, sorting stuff in Pappis boxes and labelling them and sorting more stuff for sale. To speed up things I have removed my old, big whiteboard.

 So we now have a big gaping wide space.I'm replacing the 40cm wide short Billy with a tall (202cm) 40cm wide Billy. I've been looking for one locally for quite a while now and some pop up, but usually in combo with other assorted Billy's. As I want to get get on with it, I've decided to part with some spare cash and just buy one on friday at Ikea plus another dozen or so Pappis boxes. They are super useful. Next week I will move the PC and table out of the way so I can drill the wall to mount the rails in the open space, and when that is done cut to size some shelving for it. If all goes well I can then use the space to store all my battlemats, 6 more Pappis boxes, my Printer and supplies, and 2 more Moppe storage boxes. After that I only have to add a single shelf above the dooway for a additional 8 Pappis boxes worth of space. With all of that storage space I can focus of keeping better tabs on the for sale stuff and get that out of the house ASAP.

The only thing I need to solve now is how to use the wasted space on the left of my hobby desk as my Moppes don't reach to the big wall....I want to move them against that wall and create something custom for the space between the Moppe and the Cabinet that appears on my left. It's a good 20+ cm's width of space from my table upwards for about 2 metres of usuable storage space. The Ikea 2nd hand stuff I have for that is too wide sadly. But my plastic storage cubes are less then that so they could fit the bill, sadly the ones I've seen sofar are either very shallow and/or expensive per cube.

I'll find some sort of a solution, no worries :)

zondag 23 juli 2017

No news for the next 2 weeks

I'm off to the beach for the next 2 weeks. I really hate the sand and the sun, but the kids love it (well, as soon as the first mini wave his they come running back to Kim  and me, so....yeah). Just hoping it won't be too crowded, it's the first time since I was a kid I'm going on a holiday in the middle of the holiday season. I'm taking some light reading, a few kits and my notebook with me, as well as my copy of the solitaire B-17 boardgame. Other then that, not much, as we have a tiny car and no tow hook.

Cu guys in a fortnite :)

Possible beach that I will be visiting. May not look anything like this. Maybe it will. Who knows.

vrijdag 21 juli 2017


Catch of the week, traded for the cargo part of a 1/25 scale truck trailer. It's a load of round parts, steel beams and these 3 guys.

Great big transformers, that will do for TNT and Gaslands alike. Just need individual, but matching basing so I can slot them together of keep them seperate. I want to get these painted asap.

It will most likely be my last catch as well. Some stuff is still en route to me, but my hobbyfunds are all dried up atm. I've been shoving most of the proceeds of the sales back into my bankaccount but with both of us on benefits and expenses that are bigger then our mutual income, it is a uphill battle and decided I will stop purchasing stuff untill Crisis. So no orders for new mini's, no more new secondhand plastic and preferably cut down on my trips to the second hand stores.

The bright spark in all this is that I have found a place that would like me as an intern for 2-3 days a week for 2 maybe 3 months and maybe a job after that, who knows. I don't start till late August though.

...which gives me more then enough time for our 2 week holiday and time to clear out more stuff up for sale and get some more work done on comissions as those are needed to pay for the hobby for the time being. Also, I have tons of kits to keep me busy for the time being so spending money on that should not be a priority at all.

And thx to this Blog, Lead Legeonaries, I'm now pretty convinced I can make a shantytown easily enough using the foamcutter and cast off foam to make blocks to build the huts on for a shantytown. His work looks lovely and I will enjoy copying it.

On a personal note, some minor changes/events: My girls turned 4 yesterday and we kept the party pretty low key as we didn't have much spare cash after putting most of into a single gift for the girls.....a nice big pink trampoline with safety net etc. And they love it! And for me personally, while my knee still hurts as always, I've been having a lot less resistance while walking and cycling and I'm pretty chuffed about it. It's also been 4 weeks now since I last drank any sort of softdrink, and I now just drink bubbly or regular water and my health has improved a lot. A tone more energy, no more urges for late night snacking, and a general better feeling. Just lovely :)

The only issue ai have atm if that my focus has gone to shit. I'm just building as I feel like, with no clear goal, and I want to change that. I've set up a painting challenge on my Dutch Battlegroup page (2x Recce unit in August) to get some focus, plus I should be working on creating more Gaslands industrial scenery, and just keep the rest low key and not on a priority list.

And that is it for today. Tomorrow is the last day in daycare for my girls so we are having a small party at school, for which Kim and I got very creative. Just need to make some last minute things in the morning and then we are set.

maandag 17 juli 2017

Scourge of the Partisans

As a friend of mine has a bag of Gebirgsjäger ready for me, why not add a small force to fight the Partisans, and allocate some top of the line equipment to them?

The S-Models Pz. Kpfw 35S739(f) is a really nice model. Main body is quick enough to build, then some fiffly plastic parts and finally some Photo etc, my first ever. If you take your time these bits aren't terribly hard to add. I used a toothpick, a drop  of superglue and my round punches to roll the photoetch with and it came out ok I guess. It should look nice in grey, and I need to practice that on something (not this model!).

As I am aiming for this:

...I might need to add a antenna pot for a German radio to the turret as well. Who knows. For now she is going in the ready for paint pile, and her unbuilt buddy back in the stash.

woensdag 12 juli 2017

Goobye Photobucket.

After a week of downloading photographs, hounded by errors, automated "Are you a human" checks and really weird download times, I have just finished downloading the last of my folders and deleted my last account.


May 2006 - July 2017

If you had been worth the money I would have supported you. But now you died because of your own greed.

With my exams finished for now (Passed my last Sales exam with a 9/10) and the holiday started I can take some time in the evenings to sort out all of the folders and see if I need to upload it to the Blog or find the funds for a paid hosting site. We'll get to that eventually.

A shout out goes to the Yodel courier company. As in: "My God, you are bunch of c*nts". They stamped my express package to Piers 2 days after I sent it, and then it went missing and you can't complain about that untill a waiting period of almost 3 weeks. So I complained right away, and complained again on the 10th as I was told to.  This morning his wife found it when opening the door to walk the dog. Nobody knocked or rang the door. She didn't sign off on it (so they forged the signature). The box has a large tear in it so god knows what is broken or missing. FFS. I've looked at using courier companies but the quotes I get for a 1 kg package of the same size are ridiculous, as I get quotes ranging from 65 euros all the way up to 130 euros. I can fly myself and the package to his place for cheaper!

Right, back to business.

 Partisan 75mm mountain guns are built and based. Just need to drill out the barrels and add the hand spikes of these and the German guns and then they are ready for paint.

Also started work on another Blitz wreck and I'm trying something new.

Opening up the door is a lot of hard work but I will hope it will look the part.

maandag 10 juli 2017

It's wrecking time!

Decided to make good use of a underscale Daimler Dingo, in this case the one you get in the Monty's Caravan box.  As I prefer the S-Model version, this one will get a second lease of life as a completely burnt out model. Wheelnubs come from the 1/76 Matchbox LRDG set.

Waiting for everything to dry and set and then it is straight in line for the stuff I want to prime this week. I've left off anything that dates it too much, like fuelcans, so it can be used as a fully burnt wreck for the BEF, Afrika and Normandy etc as well. The green blob to the right of the vehicle is a officers hat btw, salvaged that off of the hard plastic officers inside the box.

zondag 9 juli 2017

Out with the old, in with the....less old?

As my PC was shutting down twice a night by crashing, I figured it was time to get a new one. Not having spare funds for that, it was a bit hard to find anything on my budget, but after selling some more stuff and with 200 euros cash in hand I found a 5 year old Gaming PC. After 3 evenings of work I manegd to get it to run properly and accept my old HHD drive (well, one of them anyway). I just need to purchase 2 more plugs so I can run the DVD player and my second HDD as well. But those are only a couple of euros each and can wait till after my holiday. It's a lovely PC, it can run 2 screens which would be nice if it wasn't for the fact it does not recognise my old 19 inch back up screen....If I can find a nice 22 inch or bigger one for a cheap price locally I'll be sure to allocate some funds for that....but again, no rush.

The PC barely misses out running Fallout 4.....which is a blessing in disguise as it would mean I would get lost behind the pc again for months. Still, a bit of shame.

Anyway, I did some modelling in between the PC, sick kids and my studies. Finally made the Italian Commandtruck  using the Italeri Lancia 3R0 90mm truck and the venerable Matchbox Monty's Caravan. It's not the cheapest of conversions for what essentially is just a Communications Relay Truck but I will paint it in weathered sand, Italian licence plates and plenty of dust covering those so it works for my 8th Army as well as Italians/Germans in the future. So I spent 25+ euros for just one truck? Not really :) 2 kits combined make 1x Comms Relay Truck, 1x Bison Concrete Bunker Truck, 1 burnt out Dingo wreck and one spare 90mm AA gun that will find a place on my Britannia trawler (when I find it again) to make it a Italian sub-chaser.

The conversion is super easy, just shave a bit of the bits sticking out from the cab and use a plasticcard spacer to mount the office body on top of the truck and that is it. I've changed the canopy mounts for brass wire for strength though. I will now make a small generator and 2 poles with wire strung between them to complete the look.

The tiny guns you see are 2 WIP HäT Skoda 75mm Mountain guns. I've bought these for my Partisans only to find out the Gebirgsjager used them as well so these, after some work to add extra armoured flaps on the front and opening up the viewports, are meant for the future Gebirgsjager I want to trade with a friend. The Partisan ones will be stripped down by removing the armoured plate. Les sweight, so easier to handle and conceal, that is my reasoning behind that.

Tomorrow is my last exam, and after that, weather permitting, I want to get on with painting stuff again as I have debris, Gaslands cars and other assorted bits lined up for painting.

Did not buy webspace yet, still looking into that and ways to fund it. 

I'll leave you with the useful parts of a job lot I picked up from Marktplaats that arrived on friday.
 These will become wrecks, as the decals are missing and I need the wheels and the 1/76 scale makes it does not fit well with my 1/72 stuff. I intend to pick up some resin ones for these when I finally get to it.
 Nothing I'd buy normally but the tent is nice (after some work) and the rest is ok for scatter I guess.

The sole reason for buying the lot. I've had a standing request for this ever since proofreading Tobruk, and no one had any spare and the Ebay prices are ridiculous. So I lucked out, again. Will look nice in Desert Sand camouflage. I've also managed to find an Auster and 2 Pipers for Normandy but those haven't been delivered yet.

Now, back to my studies.

maandag 3 juli 2017

Things are going to change around here. Well, they have already tbh.

Right, the 30 day challenge is over, and I've spent almost the entire week after clearing, cleaning and sorting. Atm my room looks like this:

 Hobby Desk and 10 little Moppe. I have 13 now, plus 4 precursors and 3 non Ikea ones of about the same size :) The Alex is one I picked up on saturday for 30 euros after taking a small break when cleaning and seeing a FB post pop up in a local salesgroup. As these cost 100 euros new and are perfect for painted miniatures storage, I jumped on it. And the grey Helmer will be joined by a white one that I will pick up tomorrow afternoon. Yes, that will mean the entire table is blocked....it's the sacrifice I'm making to make sure I max out on storage space in what little room I have. As all 3 cabinets are wheeled I can just roll them aside when  I want to paint or use the airbrush....I don't like doing either in front of the PC anyway, I need to focus and the light is better on that end. For now, the 3 cabinets will be just for the small for sale stuff so I can just grab it when it is sold and put new stuff in that is listed, all in one place. The yellow labels are bits I need to sort into sell, trash or store.

 Computer Desk (+ Hobby Desk while running Netflix or Youtube) with Red cabinet that houses all of my Airbrush stuff (airbrush, paints and compressor plus all the tools needed). Doubles as a mobile tray to put my keyboard on when doing hobby stuff in front of the PC. My main Whiteboard is on the right...I still need to mount up 2 rails beside it so I can store my games mats there. To be quite honest I might remove it altogether.....I'm not using it for any real purpose, I just stick on stuff I find interesting. Might replace the half size half width cabinet with a half widt full size then, and a topper, and shelves next to it to have a better place for my printer and other stuff to clear my PC desk some more. I would like to get my PC off the floor.

 Storage Cabinets with Daily Notice Board for home, training, sales etc. The one of the right has all my spare parts and resin and metal kits waiting for me, the left one is mostly plastic kits now.

 Battletable / Holding Area for sold items or items that need to be photographed for sale. All that stuff needs to be gone this week, completely cleared just like the floor.

 Random thoughts whiteboard - needs to be stripped down this week in preparation for brainstorming the next term after the holiday. Too cluttered as well. Yech.

 3 of my 4 Alexes and my PSC/FtF and S-Models stash. having the black boxes upthere  is not perfect but it will have to do for now. The rails are for adding storage space above the door, as I can fit 6-7 Pappe upthere and that would be perfect for my collection of houses and foamscenery (current and future).

Storage Cabinet and Paint Cabinet. Also Blog Whiteboard with my planned topics and my Hobby Whiteboard with things I need to buy or sell (long term planning). Storage cabinet is a unsorted mess that does not have the highes priority right now but it is a mix of finished, unfinished and God knwos what stuff that is an eyesore to me. The Purchase board (or better said the "I'd like to have" - Board makes it very easy to put my needs on a board. I'm perfectly happy waiting for a convention where a certain trader will attend, or add up things over time from a single seller so I can do a more economical order (shipping cost wise).

I've worked my ass off this week, Kim is extremely happy and she really hopes I will keep everything as clean as possible. As do I! I have to put up some sort of Clean Desk policy that triggers me when either I get in the room, want to leave it or both. I'll work on that tomorrow. Something else Kim is very happy with is this:

This is attatched to the door to my Hobby room. Stemming = Mood. Green, yellow or red smiley. I think it speaks for itself. This way Kim knows how I'm feeling before she comes in, if she comes in at all, as I'm not very good at communicating how I feel (yes, odd, innit? I have no such trouble Blogging about it, but, I'll be damned if I can manage that face to face with my wife). Underneath I write down my goal(s) for that week. Simple, a tad childish even, but it seems to work.

I did take out some time to do hobby stuff as well. Cobbled together a Pegasus T-34/85, gave it a metal barrel, and didn't use the outer roadwheels but replaced them with the T-55 roadwheels from the PST kit. This way it represents a T-34/85M and it and the second one I will build this week will go straight into my Yugoslavia box. The second box of 2 T-34's will be built as is and will go into my Lebanon pile as PLO tanks. It nees some work before it is finished, like handrails and a mount for a .50 cal.

Second thing I built is the Italeri Church I picked up a couple of weeks ago. It is BIG! Then again, it is a church, so what do you expect. It works for quite a few spots around the Mediterranian, though mine is intended for Yugoslavia (WW2 and Modern) as well as Italy (when we get there book wise). I glued the entire thing shut and did not close up the windows for a change. It's suitable dark inside that it just looks lack and that is fine for me. The bell tower roof lifts off so you can put a figure in there if you wanted to. Might look nice in pictures but not really needed right now. I finished filling all the slits today and I just need to magnetize the spot where the cross will fit. The kit one is very weedy and will most likely break by just looking at it. I'll make a second mounting point on the bell tower top, then make and base 2 crosses and magnetise the undersides. That way, if someone knocks it it will just come off without breaking.

And that is it really. I could start about the Photobucket thing again, but when I started looking at my older Blogposts a ton of the mostly older ones are completely gutted so I will have to look into it. Eventually.

And with final note, I've been soda free for over a week now. My body stopped asking for it after a few days and I now have more energy, but as soon as I feel a bit sad or stressed I can practically hear my brain screaming for it. That should be gone in another 2 weeks. This time I will not make any exceptions. No soda what so ever, diet, sugerafree or whatever. Atm it's just tea, water and water with a couple of drops of syrup in it and nothing else. I'm not even having sugar in my tea, or milk.....I've become so uncivilised :)

And a second, final note, as my PC tends to pack up around once or twice an evening I've been on the hunt for a second hand Gaming PC. Not because I want to game, but those tend to be much better equipped for the needs I have for a PC that a standard office desktop like the one I have now just cannot handle. After complaining to Kim about my PC for the 1000nd time, I went online to Marktplaats and found a single one with very nice stats (as in way, way better then the wreck I have now) and managed to talk him down to 200 euros. 5 years old, good enough for the next 2-3 years I guess (hope). it's abit of a drive, but I can pick it up on tuesday evening. Fortunately I sold 100 euros worth of storage boxes last week so at least half of it is funded......it just means I have to list even more stuff this week to make up for it.

Right, a test exam tomorrow to see how well I know my stuff, and then I have the rest of the week to train myself before the final exam before the holiday starts, and after that only 2 more exams and them I'm done :)